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Here at The Framing Shop we offer an extensive range of glass options for your framing needs as well as a bespoke glass cutting service. Whether it be a full framing job, a re-glazing and refitting job or you just want a simple, quick 'while-you-wait' cutting service. Our framing experts will be at hand to help you decide on which glass type is best for your piece of art, memorabilia and photo's and cut your new glass with pin-point precision to any size.


Here you will find the types of glass we use, the difference between each type and how your glass is cut...



We invest into the highest quality equipment to ensure your receive pin point precision when it comes down to our glass cutting. We use 'A-frame' glass cutters which let us cut any size and any thickness of glass.


We also offer a 'while-you-wait' glass cutting service for any simple replacement glass jobs.


Call in today to see our glass cutting service we have on offer.



Here at The Framing Shop we have a selection of different glass grades, all of which have different properties and uses...



This is a standard grade picture glass which is easy to maintain and clean. It has good clarity and comes with the option of 2mm or 3mm thick.


This glass type would only be recommended if you wanted to keep the price down to a minimum. 


Please note; No UV protection or anti reflective properties are in this glass.



This is a diffused glass which is perfect for harsh lighting conditions and should be used when bad glare is a major problem. It is etched on one side, meaning light cannot bounce off the surface, which as a result no reflections are visible.


Please note; this glass will dull artwork due to the diffused look. Also No UV properties are in this glass.



This glazing is used as safety glazing and is very lightweight. Mainly used in children's bedrooms or where weight is of top priority.

This glazing type would only be recommended if you wanted to keep the price down to a minimum whilst having the safety of perspex.

Please note; No UV protection or anti reflective properties are in this glass.



This ultra protective glass is a staple for custom framing. Standing the test of time it blocks 99% of UV rays, safeguarding the personal mementos and works of art on your walls everyday for years to come by slowing the rate of deterioration and fading.

This is the glass type we would recommend as a basic on all types of artwork or photographs.


Please note: there are no anti-reflective properties in this glass.



This glass is a super clear. It is the glass we would recommend as it reveals true colours and textures of your artwork.


This specialist glass has it's colour taken out and also has an anti-reflective coating which allows you to view the actual content of art work by reducing unwanted reflections to less than 1%.


It also has an added bonus of having 70% UV protection and a scratch-resistant coating.



Very similar to perspex but just of a higher grade; acrylic glazing is a high quality and versatile material, providing high strength and clarity. Acrylic suits multiple applications and is an easy material to work with, especially in the case of large-scale frames where weight and strength is of top priority.


Looks exactly like glass with the added bonus of being lightweight.

Please note; No UV protection or anti reflective properties are in this glass.



This glass is a very high grade glass. It is the highest grade glass we currently use.


It has all the same properties of the super clear clarity glass but has the added bonus of having full 99% UV protection.


We would recommend using this glass on high value original artworks and prints.