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Here at The Framing Shop we have a vast array of mounting options as well as a bespoke mount cutting service. Whether it be a full framing and mounting job or whether you just want a simple, quick 'while-you-wait' cutting service. Our framing experts will be at hand to help you decide on which mountboard is best for your piece of art, memorabilia and photo's and design and cut to any size.


Here you will find the types of mountboard we use, how your mounts are cut and the different, unique ways of how we can make your mounts stand out from the rest.

Computerised Mountcutting



We invest into the highest quality equipment to ensure your receive pin point precision when it comes down to our mount cutting. We use computerised mount cutters which let us design and create the most complex of mounts.


We also offer a 'while-you-wait' mount cutting service for any simple mount cutting designs you need. Call in today to see our mount cutting service we have on offer and create your bespoke mount. 

Please check out some of the more complex mount designs we have cut below.



We have a vast array of mountboard colours with over 200 to choose from. Also different textured boards from suede, matte and shiny to make designing a mount to make your artwork stand out that bit easier.

All our boards we use are acid free meaning they protect your artwork, memorabilia and photo's from any colour bleeding and mould build up.


We also have an extensive selection of museum-quality preservation boards available today. Featuring the latest colours and a solid white archival core for clean, consistent bevels. These boards are fade and bleed resistant with colour consistency for colours that stay true for the life of your art.



Looking for that something a bit different? Want a unique way to display your artwork? Let us create a mount designed specifically for you. Here are just a few ideas of how we can customise your mount...

  • single mount

  • double and triple mounts

  • v-groove mount detailing

  • text designed mounts

  • shaped corner mounts

  • different shaped cuts

  • multi aperture mounts

There are endless possibilities. If you have any inquiry's or ideas but don't know where to start, call in and we can help. Or simply use the chat, call 0161 655 4793 or fill out our from on our contact us page. We will be more than happy to help.

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