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Our gallery hosts a mixed selection of original works, limited editions and open edition prints by Artists

such as ......


Chris was born in South East London, he went on to study Illustration at Barnfield College, Luton. After training as a graphic designer and working in several respectable positions within the design and advertising sector, Chris found the calling of fine art too strong and decided to go full time. Chris Ross Williamson now creates his characterful pieces in his quiet studio in Corton, Suffolk with panoramic views of the sea.  

Often described as quirky and whimsical, Chris’ playful work usually involves an atmospheric land or seascape populated with his characters – the gaunt and dry-humoured, ‘Garfield Eldritch’ and his faithful Jack Russell pal, ‘Barton Darcy’. The British east coast landscape and vernacular architecture feature heavily as a backdrop and touches of humour are often evident. Chris says “I like to give people a grin if I can”. 

Chris paints on panel using a large palette of oil colours, sometimes mixing metallics (silver, copper or gold) into the paint to bring out the shimmer of the sea. 


Aaminah’s artwork revolves exclusively around British wildlife, farm animals and pets. Working on watercolour paper using acrylic paints, Aaminah paints using lively and spontaneous brushstrokes with bold, vibrant colours to impress the quirkiness, movement and character of her subjects into the painting.


Gary was born in Worcester in 1962. Although he demonstrated a talent for art from an early age, he never considered pursuing a full time career as an artist, instead moving through the school system and into a conventional job. He always loved to paint however and spent much of his spare time painting landscapes – real or imagined. Gary’s latest distinctive watercolours concentrate on a mixture of buildings and coastal scenes. Although exquisitely observed they are painted in a stylised manner, giving them a slight but intriguing air of fantasy.


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