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Here at The Framing Shop we frame a wide variety of artwork and memorabilia. Whether it be an original piece of art or a standard photo, a large poster or simply a refitting job, we do it all! Our priority is to protect your artwork and make it look it's best and with over 30 years framing experience we are here to ensure you receive a high quality framing experience.


With over 800 frame samples and an array of mount colour options your experienced framer will be on hand to inspire and advise in order to frame any piece of artwork to compliment your space, style and budget.

If you have any enquiry's or would like to know a rough guide on how much it would be to frame your artwork before calling in, simply use the chat, call us on 0161 655 4793 or use our form on our contact us page, we will be happy to help.

Below are some of the items we specialise in and an insight on how we frame them...

original art framing


We frame a whole variety of original artwork across all different medias. Whether it be an original on fine art paper, board or canvas we can advise how best to frame it. We use spacers on originals to lift the glass off the artwork and use the finest acid free boards to enhance protection. We also have specialist 99% UV glass to further protect your artwork from the elements and help it last for generations to come.



Limited edition prints are framed and mounted making sure all signatures, limited numbers and/or stamps are showing. Mounting your print helps to lift the glass, which will help to protect your artwork. We have a wide range of mounting options from single mounting to double mounting and have over 100 mount colours to match any type of artwork. Our framers are on hand to help you choose the best one that suits.


With open edition prints and posters we can drymount these, which means they get stuck to a board and go through rollers taking out any wavy defects in the print. We can only do these on open edition prints and posters as it can devalue originals and special edition prints.



Old war medals...service medals...marathon medals.... medal framing is now ever so popular! We use deep set box frames to set your medals into with spacers in the frame to create enough depth for the glass to be raised. Mounts are then designed to your exact medal sizes with mount detailing making it bespoke to you and your medals. Add our specialist super clear clarity glass with UV protection for a truly unique framing job.


Browse through our portfolio page for some of the unique medal framing jobs we can do.



All tapestry's and stitching's are framed slightly different to any framing job. Firstly we stretch all stitching work around acid free boards making sure they lay super flat taking out any crinkles in the material. We then lace this at the back so your stitching stays tight and stretched. We then double mount your stitching work which lift's the glass off the material so it doesn't flatten the stitching. We don't use any tape to fasten your work into the mount as we want to preserve your work as best as possible. The Framing team will then help you decide on a frame that best matches your stitching work and decor. A variety of glass options from UV glass to Super Clear glass is then used.



Here at The Framing Shop & Gallery we frame hundreds of shirts every year which is why we have a specialist shirt framing team!


We stretch all shirts around acid free boards and tag them into place (Note: we do not stick or cut your shirt) as we want to protect and frame it fully confident in knowing it is protected for years to come with no damage to the shirt. Acid free mounts are used along with UV protected glass to help protect it further. We can also incorporate photos and items into the frame or design a metal plaque for your shirt.


Want a specialty mount designed for your shirt? Maybe have a team or player name cut out in the mount? No problem! Let us know your ideas and we can design and create a bespoke mount just for you! Contact Us

Photo 25-07-2019, 07 49 14_edited.jpg


Football boots and boxing gloves, music concert tickets and guitar picks, signed photo's, or even rubber off an F1 track! All memorabilia is personal to you! That's why we take the time in designing and framing something that's just that bit different and unique to match. With over 100 mount colour options and over 800 frame moulding choices, let us professionally frame and protect your items and make your memorabilia stand out from the rest!

Check out our Portfolio Page for some inspiration.



Box framing is essentially a deep based frame with spacers in which the glass sits at the front of the frame and your artwork/items sit at the back giving depth. We can create all different types of box frames bespoke to your measurements and artwork.

Different coloured spacers can be used and different mount options can be designed to make your box frame stand out from any ordinary frame. Add the super clear clarity glass option to this which will really make your box frame show off your art.

Image by Joseph Morris


Whether you have a rolled up canvas needing stretching, have an image on your computer/memory stick and want it printing and stretching onto canvas or simply want an old existing canvas re-stretching, we can do it all.

All canvas' require stretching around canvas bars. We use timber of the highest of quality which have been 'butt jointed' to ensure the timber never bends or distorts giving you confidence your canvas will stay stretched for generations to come

Canvas' can be stretched and hung as they are, or framed after stretching using specialist canvas style frames. The benefit of having a canvas is that they don't normally need glass.



Mirrors transform a room and bring space and light even into the smallest of spaces. We frame all old existing mirror's you may have or you can have us make a brand new mirror to an exact size. We can do it all.


With over 800 frame mouldings to choose from, from the super ornate silver and gold frames like the one you can see to the left, or our super modern contemporary black and white frames; you can create the look you want to match your decor.

See a selection of our frame moulding range here.

Photo 29-09-2018, 10 57 52.jpg


Already have your frame and just need mounts to fit? Or just need replacement glass? We have a 'while you wait' service for any simple mount cutting and glass cutting. If you need these fitting aswell we can also do this, but please note this isn't available on our 'while you wait' service.

For a repair frame job please use our chat, email us or call us on 0161 655 4793 as not every frame can be repaired.

Please see our Mount Cutting Service page for our mounting options or see our Glass Cutting Service page for our glazing options.

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